Arlington Bail Bonds

Need to be bailed out of jail here in Arlington? DFW Bail Bond Expert offers bail bond services to aid you in regaining your freedom. If you’ve been accused of a crime, you have the right to post bail and regain your life prior to any court proceedings. Arlington police cannot legally hold a suspect indefinitely. Bail is your right.

Using a Bail Bondsman

Bail is the amount of money that must be posted to earn your freedom after a criminal charge in Arlington. The local court will set this dollar amount, and a bail bondsman can be used to pay the bail amount. A bail bondsman will post the full amount of bail for you, and charge you a nominal fee for their service. Once the bond is paid, you’ll be free to return to your life but are still required to attend court proceedings. Once you attend your trial dates, the bail bondsman will be repaid for the cost of the bail posted.

Contact Us

Please, if you’ve been accused of a crime here in Arlington, get in touch with our bail bondsmen right away. We’re here to free you from unwarranted police custody. In most cases, we can earn your freedom in a few hours. Moreover, we can provide a criminal defense attorney to represent you as you navigate through court proceedings. Gene Beaty, DFW’s owner, offers criminal defense lawyer services to aid those who have been charged with a crime in Arlington. He can fend off unfair prosecution and unwarranted police action. DFW has your best interests in mind. We’re here to ensure that your freedoms and rights are protected.