Southlake Bail Bonds

Have you been arrested here in Southlake or Tarrant County? Are you currently in police custody? If so, you have the right to bail and the right to regain your freedom for the time preceding your court dates. Criminal trials can be weeks or months after a charge and it’s your right to live your life as you would outside of police custody. If you’ve been arrested in Southlake or elsewhere in Tarrant County, use DFW Bail Bond Expert to connect with a bail bondsman and regain your freedom.

How Bail Works

If you’ve been incarcerated for a crime, a bail dollar amount will be set by the local Tarrant County court. This dollar amount is the dollar amount that must be put forth in trust to free you from police custody. Once the bail amount has been posted, the accused citizen will be free to leave police custody. Bail will be repaid to the individual who posted it once the accused party attends his or her court dates.

Using a Bail Bondsman

You can use a bail bondsman to post bail for you. Your bail bondsman will post the full cost of bail and charge a nominal fee. Once court dates are attended, the bondsman is recompensated by the court for the full amount of the bail.

Again, if you’ve been arrested for an accused crime here in Southlake, Tarrant County, get in touch with us here at DFW Bail Bond Expert. We’re here to help you and protect your bail rights.